Reflections on having the Flu

Posted Jul 13th, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Reflections on having the Flu

The Apostle Paul says “Oh death where is they sting?” It’s hard to imagine what that sting may feel like… but… I think having the flu may qualify!

A week ago the flu hit me like a tsunami… 2 days in bed, hot and cold flashes and 8 trips to the pharmacy in search of that one miracle medication. Being of the male persuasion means the flu bug attacks at a higher level of intensity than to my female counterpart. The flu may even be tolerable if it was at least accompanied with some level of sympathy from my ‘better half’… a phrase I am finding contradictory in nature. My wife’s routine comments about the fact that females are still supposed to fully function while they have the flu… but with men the world stops… just aggravates the condition.

Replacing the warming of socks by the fireplace… a routine of my sainted mother… with microwaving them for 2 minutes is not the same and simply lacks compassion. Suggestions of breakfast in bed are met with counter suggestions of “If you want breakfast in bed… sleep in the kitchen”. All the while I lay in bed awaiting the arrival of “the angel of death”, teetering between hope and despair… clinging to life by one semi-workable nostril and my fourth box of extra absorbent Kleenex.

As fate would have it, and with the intervention of the Master Physician… I was rescued from the pit of death… I bounced back… a testimony to the strength of the male species. My battle with death left me with a new hope because as the book of Revelation tells us, in the next life there will be no more sorrow… no more tears… no more pain… and when you add all that up… most importantly… it also means… no more flu…

Pastor Mike

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