Daily Bread

Posted Jul 20th, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Daily Bread

I’m not so sure the invention of the ‘freezer’ was such a good thing.

We use it to keep food frozen for future meals. I have noticed that most freezers have two sections.

One section is used to store everyday food for the family… the boring things like vegetables, chicken and fish. But every freezer also has the hands off section…., food strictly reserved for company and it contains the good stuff like pizza, shrimp and steak. It’s because of the freezer that I never get to eat fresh bread!

It’s not that I don’t buy it…it’s just that the fresh bread has to go in the freezer and the frozen bread taken out so it can be used up first.

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus’ words “give us this day our daily bread” has somehow lost its meaning in our culture because of the freezer. With the invention of the ‘freezer’ we can literally store up our daily bread for a good six months….and never give thanks for it.

Our daily dependence on God is overshadowed by a white box. Our “Daily Bread” is reduced to the title of a devotional or the story of “manna from heaven” in the book of Exodus. Maybe… just maybe… it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to empty the freezer… yes even all the good stuff… unplug it from the wall… forget about it…..get back to buying our bread daily……remember who supplies it…..and just give thanks!...

Pastor Mike

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