Expiry Dates

Posted Aug 10th, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Expiry Dates

Nothing Lasts Forever

Sometimes I wonder why things have an expiry date on them. For example, in our kitchen, I noticed our container of coffee whitener and bottle of olive oil both expired last August… but we still use them… and I haven’t really noticed any side effects! Our container of Comet cleaner doesn’t give you an obvious expiry date… it gives you a code that you must decipher to figure it out. This makes me wonder, why the date is such a big secret? According to the code on our container of Comet, if my deciphering is correct, the Comet will expire on October 12, 2020! I’ll be 65 years old! Now I’m concerned because if there is any comet left in the container when I reach that age I hope I remember to throw it out.

Even dish soap has an expiry date… this is something you should pay close attention to… after all, how many people out there have gone to the expense of replacing their dishwasher when all along it was just the dish soap that had expired? Sometimes they don’t call it an expiry date… that sounds too final… instead they have a “best before” date. This term applies mostly to food… it makes it sound like the food is OK no matter what date you eat it, but it would taste a lot better if you eat it before a certain date. For instance, bread tastes OK but, it’s really good if you eat it before the ‘best before’ date.

Milk has a best before date conveniently located on a white tab on the neck of the plastic bag. But I don’t pay much attention to the date because if the milk expires it turns into yogurt and I personally don’t think yogurt can expire. The bottom line… these days nothing lasts forever!

You never really hear of anything these days that is the same yesterday… today… and tomorrow… Nothing really seems to be everlasting to everlasting… is there anything out there with no beginning or end??… you might even say from Alpha to Omega… well, what do you know… we have just described Jesus! Our Lord and Saviour! No expiry… no best before date. The Creator of all things enters into our limited world and offers us an unlimited existence… I guess some things… like you and I… are made to last forever…

Pastor Mike

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