Ripe Bananas

Posted Sep 19th, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Ripe Bananas

I don’t ever get to eat fresh bread....when I buy it at the grocery store and bring it home...I have to put it in the freezer and use up the older frozen bread first.
Whenever there are fresh golden ripe bananas on the kitchen counter......I’m not supposed to eat them until the 6 day old black, bacteria infested bananas beside them are gone first.
Please drink up the expired milk before you open up a fresh bag and this left over chicken is just as
tasty as Kentucky Fried Chicken are weekly sayings around our dinner table. Sometimes it’s nothing fresh...
nothing new! Eat it before it goes bad and drink it up before it gets lumpy and turns to yogurt.

Have you ever noticed it’s never that way with God? If today spoils with disappointment ...
tomorrow you get a fresh new day. Bitterness, anger and an unforgiving heart are wiped clean
whenever you ask for a new slate. The only leftovers with God are the things you leave at the foot of the cross......things you never have to taste again. Someday....soon I hope....we will even get a new heaven and a new earth.
Let me describe them to you.....fresh bread....ripe bananas.....non expired milk.......
and if all that’s not enough.....we will all get to eat real Kentucky Fried Chicken ........

Pastor Mike

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