Can Life Get Any Better?

Posted Jan 16th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Can Life Get Any Better?

2018 is shaping up to be the best year of my life. Check this out…. while brushing my teeth the other day I noticed that my toothpaste has “added whitener”…  and I never even asked for it! In addition to that my mouthwash is “clinically tested” … these mouthwash manufacturers really go the extra mile. My body soap is now a “one step cleanser” … it’s about time… I’m all for eliminating steps. My can of hair mousse has “extra hold”… why didn’t they have that when I had thicker hair. The improvements go on and on… my car battery has “longer life”… now I’m driving with confidence… and most important of all… my Raisin Bran (despite a raisin shortage in the US) now comes in an improved box with 30% more raisins!

Even my wife is getting in on the benefits. Her Niva body cream has “Advanced Q10 Complex”… that really sounds impressive and obviously a lot more effective than the “Standard Q10 Complex”. Her hand cream now has “added vitamin A and E”… now if they could only invent a foot cream with the missing vitamins B, C and D.

As if all this isn’t enough….I discovered the vinegar we now use is “pure” vinegar… that’s such a relief from the old contaminated stuff… Even laundry these days is a snap! Listen to this. Easy-on Spray is now “fast acting” … boy that’s going to save time. Our Downy fabric softener is now “Ultra” and it is guaranteed to leave a “Fresh Scent” … makes me wonder what was it leaving before? Our Spray and Wash now comes in a “value size” … I’m so relieved we’re not getting ripped off anymore.

Let’s face it… life is good… makes me wonder how we ever survived without all these improvements. Although, have you ever noticed, we never seem to hear about a new improved Jesus! How is Jesus ever going to compete with all this? The bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He’s never changing! No “biggie” size Jesus or added ingredients or massive advertising campaign needed. Just one Messiah, one message, one hope… never changing, always-transforming… never needs improving! So far, I’m not really sure if the “added whitener” has made my teeth any whiter or if my wife is benefiting from the “Advanced Q10 Complex” in her body cream. I’m not convinced that my body soap “the one step cleanser” is all it’s been made out to be… to be honest I tend to include the other cleaning steps these days. I don’t know if changing any of these products has any benefits, but I do know this… “the changeless one” … our Lord and Saviour Jesus… just meeting him… sure has changed me… How about you?.….Pastor Mike

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