Lessons Learned Thanks to a Snow blower

Posted Feb 12th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Lessons Learned Thanks to a Snow blower A week ago, was an historic day in my life, as my brand-new snow blower finally arrived. There it was in a big 5’ by 5’ box all ready to be assembled. There is nothing more exciting and energizing than assembling a snow blower, all 48 pieces, outside in -20 degree weather. Apparently the body's threshold of being on the verge of being completely frozen is 20 minutes. So 20 minutes outside and 20 minutes inside to thaw out, made best use of the whole day it took to put it together.

Fortunately, I’m fluent in Swedish, so following the instructions was a breeze. With every nut tightened and every cable attached, I’m happy to say that last Monday I started it up for the first time. Let me tell you I was not disappointed as the roaring engine of my powerhouse 250cc 2 stage motor came to life and through the miracle of birth another snow blower entered our world.

I’m sure my neighbours were jealous, all of them stopping and leaning on their shovels to observe me, as my powerful brand new shiny red snow blower,with heated hand grips AND a headlight plowed into that ¼ inch of snow on my driveway, tossing it to the side like a hurricane ripping the roof of a building and discarding it like it was paper.

In addition to the driveway I was able to clear a 3-foot path across my lawn and neighbour’s lawn so that the mailman wouldn’t have to use the sidewalk to deliver our mail anymore. I was also able to clear out a 2-foot pathway, down our side yard, by snow blowing a 3-foot drift all the way back to our shed in the back yard. …we have never been able to do that before!

Unknown to me, and a rather pleasant surprise, was that I discovered owning a snow blower is a great way to meet people and make friends. My new friend, Sam, who lives 6 blocks from us, thanked me repeatedly for snow blowing his sidewalk. It was there at Sam’s place that I learned my first lesson about owning a snow blower……..how quickly they can run out of gas…..and it happens without any warning.

I also learned my second lesson at Sam’s. Snow blowers are a lot harder to push 6 blocks going home without the motor running than they are to steer 6 blocks from your home with the motor running. I’m already learning! Next snow blower I get is going to have better gas mileage.

All in all…..I feel a lot better owning my new snow blower…it took a while to get to me, but now when it snows I have a big smile on my face. Life is good and my driveway is finally under control…….sure hope spring doesn’t get here anytime soon!...Pastor Mike

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