Reconnecting through flowers

Posted Jun 11th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Reconnecting through flowers

Nothing touches a person’s life more than an act of kindness! Here is another story of how someone used their $5.00 to touch a person’s life
It’s a joy to see where God is at work and how our people have taken up the challenge to bless others.

Story Number 3
This past Saturday I ran into a neighbour at a yard sale/craft sale. We hadn't seen each other for awhile and she shared that recently she had to put her dog down due to his ailing health. It was obvious that she was heartbroken about it.

The $5 you gave me I used to buy 3 beautiful begonia plants. I took them with a card to her on Monday to express my condolences to her as her loss deeply touched me, being a dog owner as well.

She was so surprised to receive such a gift and a card and asked me why. I told her that we can all use encouragement and hugs. There were tears (mine were very close, too!) and more hugs and a wonderful chat together. What a beautiful time of connecting again, sharing dog stories and just being blessed. Thank you.

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