Touching Peoples lives, one Tomato at a Time

Posted Jun 19th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Touching Peoples lives, one Tomato at a Time

$5.00 Reverse Offering

Nothing touches a person’s life more than an act of kindness! Here is another story of how someone used their $5.00 to touch a person’s life.  It’s a joy to see where God is at work and how our people have taken up the challenge to bless others. Keep those stories coming!

Story Number 4
I had to work within my boundaries this week but my wife and I used our $5 to give a $10 TV card to someone on the same surgical floor as me. TV on the floor is actually kind of challenging to order so I figured this would be a good use. Certainly lots of opportunity even within the boundaries of a hospital. 

Story Number 5
For the reverse offering my mom and I bought 4 tomato plants (including a little extra money) and when they grow in approximately 60 days then we will be able to give them away to others. We're going to have different bags of tomatoes for everyone. 

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