Love Lincoln Campaign

Posted Nov 15th, 2016

Love Lincoln Campaign

If you are in the town of Lincoln or surrounding Niagara communities, we invite you to join our team at Providence Church in restoring our beautiful city through the Love Lincoln Campaign.

We love our city! We believe it’s a good and a great place to live. All of us want healthy environments to raise our kids, have purpose and dreams and hope for a bright future. All of us want to work for the common good.

A recent Catholic social teaching says it this way: “The common good is the whole network of social conditions which enables humans and groups to flourish. "All are responsible for all.”  If “all are responsible for all” then we need to examine how we take care of each other.

Unfortunately no city is perfect, people fall through the gaps and there are many places of brokenness. We experience failures, disappointments, inequality and injustice, especially amongst the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities, so it’s easy to lose hope. We see it all around us and yet it’s easy to ignore it or hide from it.

Our church, through a network of local partners, wants to make a difference. We want to follow Jesus’ example of serving, restoring and transforming those places. We want to be visibly seen in our neighbourhoods and bless our communities.

That’s what The Love Lincoln Campaign is all about.

And were just starting. We are currently working to identify those areas in Lincoln where we can step into the gaps, serve and bring restoration. If you have the same goals welcome aboard! Providence is only one player in a cast of people and agencies that can make this happen.

For more information on the 'Love Lincoln Campaign' contact Pastor Mike Collins.

We are delighted to welcome the Lincoln community to join us for Sunday morning worship service.