My Encounter with a Famous Person

Posted Aug 3rd, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

My Encounter with a Famous Person

Do you know anyone famous?

I mean, you don’t just know about them… you actually know them, you’re on a first name basis! I have meet two famous people in my life. The first was a one hour conversation I had with Jim Backus… Jim who you say!… Jim Backus is the actor who played Thurston Howell III, the millionaire on the hit TV show Gilligan’s Island. I was just a teenager when we met. He as quite an interesting guy and it was just by chance that we were together!

We have never kept in touch, he was quite busy with his hit TV show and I was busy with… well believe me I was just busy!

There is someone else I have met that is quite famous, even more famous than Jim Backus. His name is Jesus Christ and we have been on a first name basis ever since we met! I can call him anytime day or night. He never seems to busy! Among other things to his credit he created the world… gives and sustains all human life… brings happiness and purpose and is currently building me a house to live in for eternity! I enjoyed meeting Jim but I loved meeting Jesus. Jim didn’t really offer me anything, but Jesus… just knowing him offered me a lifelong relationship. Jim told me what it’s like to know Gilligan and Skipper, but Jesus introduced me to real purpose and life. Jim has never phoned me since we met…

Jesus reminds me of our living relationship every year, it’s a celebration called Easter! He is risen… He has risen indeed! You don’t hear at all about Jim Baccus anymore, he has long since passed away… You hear about Jesus all the time because he lives forever…

Pastor Mike

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