My Fitbit

Posted Aug 31st, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

My Fitbit

This past Christmas I received a Fit Bit for a gift.

For those of you who still live in an 8-track world….a Fitbit is a wireless –enabled activity tracker, that you wear as a watch on your wrist and it measures data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed and other personal metrics involved in fitness.

I’m all about fitness, so I have been wearing my Fitbit since Christmas. Since then I have discovered that my recorded daily number of steps is less than the required amount as prescribed by the American Health Association. I’m trying to make up the shortfall by walking around a bit more while I’m preaching on Sundays.
In addition, my Fitbit tells me my heart rate is dangerously low…and my recorded quality of sleep is terrible which explains why I need to take a nap when something strenuous needs doing around the house, like helping with anything.

Lately I’ve been wondering if Jesus’ ministry would have been more effective if he had worn a Fitbit. We would know how fast his heart was pounding when he encountered the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. In addition, when the Bible says “very early in the morning Jesus went out to pray”…His Fitbit would tell us exactly what time that was. And who wouldn’t want to know how many steps he took in bringing the good news of the gospel to everyone.

You see…a Fitbit would have given us lots of additional information about Jesus, but it wouldn’t have improved his message. What message is that? Well…. God loves us and his heart beats for us. God walks beside us in life, no matter how many steps it takes and God wants us to find our rest in Him. That’s information you will never get from a Fitbit…..that message is only found at the Cross.

As for me…I don’t feel any better now that I’m wearing a Fitbit…. but at least it tells me my heart is beating, that I’m walking and how long I sleep….things I’m grateful for….but the one thing I am eternally grateful for is the one who watches over me day and night and knows all those things and a whole lot more.….

Pastor Mike

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