Dentist Visit

Posted Oct 12th, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Dentist Visit

A couple walks into the dentist office and the husband is obviously in a hurry to get the procedure over with. “Doc” he says, “nothing fancy. No needles, no gas. Let’s pull this tooth and get it done quickly.” The dentist is surprised by the man’s stoic approach. “I’m impressed, I wish all of my patients had your courage. Now which tooth is it?” The husband turned to his wife and said, “Show him your tooth honey.”

Let me ask, do you find it very easy to recommend corrective actions for other people? If so, how receptive are you when it is God correcting you? Bottom line is that since the fall of man we all need a little correcting, a little tooth pulling, a little molding into the likeness of Christ.

 Isaiah 64:8 says “You, LORD, are our Father. We are nothing but clay, but you are the potter who molded us.”

 Sometimes molding humans can be painful! Not just painful for someone else, but for us too. But look at what God is molding us into, the likeness of his Son!


Pastor Mike


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