Swimming Lesson

Posted Nov 23rd, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Swimming Lesson

Negative and Positive

You know, when I was young, my dad taught me how to swim by taking me out into the middle of the lake and throwing me out of the boat…when I told my mom she said he wasn’t trying to teach you how to swim. I learned a valuable lesson that day, stop being such an annoying kid for my dad!

People learn lessons in all kinds of different ways. Some learn by doing things, others simply learn when they are told. Some people, when told putting their fingers in the electrical outlet can really hurt, learn by sticking their fingers in the electrical outlet. Others can be told not to do that, and they will take your word for it and not bother trying.

Some things in life that are taught to us can have a dual meaning. They can be taken as either positive or negative, for example if I teach a class and say to my student, ‘I have never had a student like you before’, the student thinks he is the best student ever (positive) but I could have meant you are the worst student I have ever taught (negative)!

Jesus picks up on this dual meaning when he taught in parables, Mark 4:2a says “He taught them many things by parables.” A parable can have a dual meaning! If you are humble and Christ-centered, parables help you grow in Christ. But if you are proud and self-centered, parables can challenge you to change so that you can become more like Christ.

So how do you learn? Do you see and hear Christ in everything you do? Is your life centered on him or is it centered on you? Are you building up the people around you or are you always critical, annoying and not growing at all…….because if you are annoying, maybe I can talk my dad into taking you out on his boat into the middle of the lake for some swimming lessons…..Pastor Mike

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