Festive Special

Posted Dec 1st, 2017 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Festive Special Surprise, Surprise

I don’t mean to brag… but…this week I received a special honor, right out of the blue,that left me speechless.
I certainly didn’t feel worthy of the honor and was humbled… but that was short lived as my pride surged and I basked in the glory of the moment, thinking to myself “Well I’ve worked hard and quite frankly I believe I deserve it” Unknown to me, while ordering lunch this week at the Swiss Chalet and requesting my usually Festive Special… chicken, French Fries, stuffing and other yum-yum’s…the waitress informed me, in a rather loud voice, that I was their 600th customer to order the Festive Special this season. You heard it right…I was their 600th customer! What an honor! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I started to chow down on my special meal, proud as a peacock, snubbing numerous onlookers who looked at me with envy. I am sure others were thinking to
themselves…why didn’t I order the Festive Special…instead of this carb wise vegan yuk yuk salad…my poor choice has cost me my moment of glory.

But what I expected for being their special customer and what I received were two different things. I expected them to take a photo of me to be proudly displayed on the cover of the next menu publication beside the advertisement of the Festive Special. Perhaps a few words to the local newspaper about my hard work to arrive at this honor, or the kitchen staff singing in unison at my table “for he’s a jolly good fellow” …or at the very least an extra box of Lindor chocolates! Instead I got nothing… and after informing another waitress of this special day in my life she said ….Oh that’s nice. What kind of response is that?

My ego was crushed, my feelings were hurt and all my hard work …I mean I’ve eaten at least 20 festive specials in the last 5 years…was all for nothing. What

a disappointment! The whole experience left me thinking about the first Christmas 2000 years ago… there was another “Festive Special” but it wasn’t at the Swiss Chalet it was in Bethlehem. It wasn’t served on a plate with chicken and stuffing… the day served us with the promise of Hope for the world. The birth of a baby whose name is JESUS! To most people… no big party, no special recognition, nothing much to talk about. The birth of the Savior prompts most people to say….Oh that’s nice! The Creator of the world, the Prince of Peace, the One who sustains all life and gives everyone purpose and freedom and eternal life….and the best response we can come up with is …..Oh that’s nice!

How about you? When you picture Christmas, what do you see? Celebration and joy or just another day. Is it just a day to open up the Christmas presents or is it a day we celebrate the Christmas presence? Don’t let the season go by unnoticed! He didn’t bring purpose to just 600 people, he brings purpose to the whole world! Now that’s a real Festive Special! As for me…. after that disappointment at the Swiss Chalet I don’t think I’m going to support them anymore…no more Festive Specials for me…from now on I’m spending my money next door at Harveys……………..Pastor Mike.

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