Encouragement for $5

Posted May 28th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Encouragement for $5

Nothing touches a person’s life more than an act of kindness! As all of you know, for the past few weeks, we have been encouraging our members to use the $5.00 they received on Sunday morning April 29th to extend a random act of kindness to a co-worker, neighbour, stranger or to use the money in some creative way to touch a life. Our church has done just that and over the next few weeks I want to share some of those stories with you.It’s a joy to see where God is at work and how our people have taken up the challenge to bless others.

Story Number 1

Thank you for this challenge and the opportunity to have some fun
while serving through kindness. Since receiving the $5.00 the word
encouragement kept coming up in my life and I felt lead to do
something with that. Dollarama sells all greeting cards for $1.00 so I
bought five cards that I could send to people who need some
encouragement due to difficult circumstances or to inspire them in
something that they are involved in right now. I have been asking God
to show me who some of these people are and have sent out several
cards already. Hopefully this will give them a lift and let them know
that God and I care about what is happening in their lives. I also think
this little act of kindness will deepen my relationship with these
people. Who doesn't like a word of encouragement or a pat on the

We are delighted to welcome the Lincoln community to join us for Sunday morning worship service.