Blessing our neighbours

Posted Jun 4th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Blessing our neighbours Nothing touches a person’s life more than an act of kindness! Here is another story of how someone used their $5.00 to touch a person’s life

It’s a joy to see where God is at work and how our people have taken up the challenge to bless others. Keep those stories coming!

Story number 2

My husband and I both took a $5 envelope from church and we ended up purchasing a flower planter and card for our new neighbours. We live in a townhouse and the house beside us has had 3 new owners since we moved in. We figured this would be a good opportunity to actually get to know the “noise on the other side of the wall.”
So far the planter was placed on the front porch and is now gone so we’re assuming they took it inside or put it on the back patio.

Thanks for the awesome challenge and for making us think!

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