Asking Leads to Blessing

Posted Jun 25th, 2018 in Thoughts From Lincoln

Asking Leads to Blessing

$5.00 reverse offering

Nothing touches a person’s life more than an act of kindness! Here is another story of how someone used their $5.00 to touch a person’s life
It’s a joy to see where God is at work and how our people have taken up the challenge to bless others. Enjoy reading the stories!

Story 6
(I have changed the name and submitted it as anonymous)
We have a neighbor named Bill ( not his real name). Bill is getting along in years and he lives in a home that was old when God's dog was a puppy. 

Bill is affable and prefers to maintain his self sufficiency. However due to his age and the age of his home he reluctantly accepts help from us now and then. Occasional rides to the hospital and 10 gallon jugs of diesel fuel to keep his furnace running are a part of our relationship.

When we were challenged to Love Lincoln via a reverse offering I immediately thought of Bill. But not in the way that you might think. I thought that perhaps I could involve Bill and ask him to help me find someone that could use a helping hand or an encouraging act of kindness. You see, Bill has always Loved Lincoln and he jumped at the chance to participate. He was solemn in his assurance that he would find an opportunity to bless someone with this small financial gift. He accepted the task with a grateful heart and an optimism that I confess both warmed my heart and made me feel slightly guilty. 

I suspect that Bill understands and believes that there is a merciful creator out there that watches over him, but a life of past regret currently keeps him from a confession to that effect.
I am curious what God has in store for Bill and our relationship with him.   Anonymous

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