Sunday Service

Sunday Sept. 27, 2020

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy  8:1-9

Join us here at 10am for a social distance service, lead by Pastor Steve. We will be allowing 100. Please go to service sign up tab to register. If it's full try again next Sunday.

Wilderness: The early books of the Bible tell the long 40 year story of God's people in the wilderness - a place of testing and uncovering. In our Bible reading today, they are nearing the end of their wilderness wandering, and they discover a deep spiritual truth: That God was forming them in the place they didn't want to be, teaching them to trust, and showing them they can. Seven months deep into a pandemic, with a virus and restrictions that aren't soon going away, could it be that that's where God has many of us today? How might he be forming and reforming? Join us Sunday, as we consider this further.

Please join us for the service online LIVE @ 10 AM if you can't make it here.

If you are in our community and need help.  We are still here...just send us a message.

We are delighted to welcome the Lincoln community to join us for Sunday morning worship service.