Letter from Leadership Board regarding our services

The Leadership Board of Providence has made the decision to close Providence's doors to all gatherings that include our weekly programs and services until further notice.

Please see this letter for further details.

If you are in our community and need help.  We are still here...just send us a message.

Join us online Sunday morning at 10 as we continue our Lent Series, “Messy People, Merciful God.” This week we will look at Samson, and see through him how messy things have gotten for Israel and it’s leaders, no longer reflecting the character and heart of God. But God’s mercy extends beyond the mess…God is our strength in weakness and our ever-present help in trouble. Samson’s story is a timely message for these fragile times. You are invited to read Judges 13-16 (about 20 minutes) before joining us online. We will also be posting questions for the kids that go with the reading and message, so join us as a family!

kids questions

We are delighted to welcome the Lincoln community to join us for Sunday morning worship service.